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In today's hectic online world, our mission is to bring simple, affordable, and above all intelligent cybersecurity to everyone - not just large corporations.
Each of us has sensitive data.


Founder of Securifit

Karol Suchánek, a technology lover and IT expert who has been living computer security since his school days. In recent years, he has been a sought-after speaker and has had dozens of workshops and lectures on cyber security that he presents with “human language”. He realized that most people are interested in this topic, but they think it is too technical and complex. That's why he founded Securifit, a cybersecurity solution that will fit you personally.

... Security+ A+ IT Fundamentals


Karol Suchánek


“My experience now revolves around cybersecurity. I am a former programmer and IT is my other self. I earned an MBA from the University of New York in Prague and expanded my passion for security by studying Cybersecurity at MIT in Boston, or training with the legendary Hak5 Group in Washington. I recently received a NATO security clearance.”

Miloš Urbiš


“For over 25 years I have been helping major Czech and Slovak cybersecurity companies as a consultant, ISO 27001 auditor and penetration tester. In recent years I have been actively involved in forensic expertise in this area.”

Monika Suchánek


“For the past decade I have worked in marketing and communications for large multinationals. I am the creative soul of a team that will bring IT language to the ordinary person.”

Henry Ashley-Cooper


“I'm great at finding problems, and ideally good at finding solutions too. I try to apply a methodical design mentality to my work, looking for a robust and modern way of making a product function beautifully.”

Veronika Vřešťálová


“I'm passionate about art and serious about functionality. I love design, and am always seeking the most effective way to make technology communicate with people. I have worked on projects ranging from hedge funds to international startups, and keep on learning with every project.”

Bojan Gabrić


“I'm a Full-Stack developer that's passionate about making beautiful, modern and accessible applications using the latest technology. I also have experience in DevOps which I acquired from working with small teams that required me to do multiple jobs.”

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